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Saw Mill Services

We can cross cut to dead length, saw and plane to specified sizes, groove, mould and laminate.

We also design and construct timber components for the corporate sector, shipping and mining industries.

We have qualified staff on site that can cut and dock our timber products. Our Sawmills are located in Paarl & Botriver Cape Town and special in select timber species.

Come in and see us for a price or alternatively, use our quote form and we will call you back.

Red River Gum in Cape Town

Eucalyptus camaldulensis, the river red gum, is a tree of the genus Eucalyptus. It is one of around 800 in the genus. It is a plantation species in many parts of the world, but is native to Australia, where it has the most widespread natural distribution of Eucalyptus in Australia,[1] especially beside inland water courses. Oddly, it is named for a private estate garden near the Camaldoli monastery near Naples (L'Hortus Camaldulensis di Napoli), from where the first specimen came to be described. Material from this tree was used by Frederick Dehnhardt, Chief Gardener at the Botanic Gardens in Naples, to describe this species in 1832.

Red River Gum is an excellent choice for both interior features and exterior construction.

Dunnage in Cape Town

All type of Dunnage, softwood and hardwood. Sacrificial and permanent, we also supply for special services including heavy industrial machinery.

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